SOMMI Jewelry is an Orlando-based jewelry line inspired by art, textile patterns and nature; made using traditional and modern wax carving techniques along with hand fabrication. Each piece begins with a sketch that is carefully carved into wax and then cast in a variety of metals such as sterling silver, bronze, and 14K gold.
The meaning behind the brand’s name comes from the Latin word “Sommium” which means “dream.” But more than a “dream,” SOMMI represents the idea of being a dreamer. The brand’s goal is to design and create jewelry catered to these dreamers – youthful women who are smart, creative, confident, free and adventurous.


Alexandra Nieto is the designer and founder behind SOMMI Jewelry. Alexandra studied fine arts, receiving her BFA in studio art and graphic design from Northwestern State University of Louisiana. After working for several years in the design field as an Art Director and Graphic Designer, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a jewelry designer. In 2012, she began taking jewelry fabrication classes. At the same time, she taught herself how to carve wax for jewelry making and began experimenting on her own. She launched her first collection on July 22nd, 2014.

“My first collection is inspired by textile patterns, as well as art and architecture from ancient civilizations. When I started the design process, I was immediately drawn to geometric shapes, interesting angles and tribal elements. The collection will have 20 pieces showcasing a mix of tribal, bohemian and edgy jewelry.”